Application Information

Applying for Academy Membership

Eligible faculty must apply for membership in the Academy. Faculty may independently apply, may be invited to apply, or may be nominated by their department chair to apply. A standardized application packet must be submitted and will contain some of the content typically found in the educator portfolio. Decisions regarding membership in the Academy will be made by the Academy Steering Committee. While a faculty member may apply for any rank in the Academy, the Steering Committee will decide on the appropriate tier of membership.

Term of Membership and Renewal
The term of membership is four years. A member may apply for membership at a higher rank at anytime. Each academic year, the Academy Director will review each faculty member’s contributions and service to the Academy as described in the “Responsibilities of Academy Members” section of this website The Director will make recommendations to the Academy Steering Committee regarding each member’s compliance with their required responsibilities. The Steering Committee will vote on whether each member is meeting their responsibilities and any faculty member not meeting minimum requirements will be informed of this vote. If a member is found to be out of compliance with required responsibilities for two consecutive years, they will either be reassigned to a lower Academy rank or dismissed from the Academy without prejudice. At the end of a member’s term a standardized re-application packet for continued membership in the Academy can be submitted. This re-application will be reviewed by the Academy Steering Committee which will make the decision for continued membership in the academy, at the same or a different rank.

To apply, please complete the Basic Application for Membership in the Academy form.