Mission and Goals

Mission and Goals

Mission Statement of the Academy

The Academy of Medical Educators supports the educational mission of the University of Miami and the Miller School of Medicine by fostering excellence in teaching, improving curriculum, advancing educational scholarship, and facilitating appropriate reward, recognition and academic promotion for faculty educators.

Goals of the Academy

The Academy has explicit goals related to its mission. The Academy leadership will develop measurable outcomes related to these goals in order to demonstrate the value of the Academy to the institution and its academic community.

The academy and its members will:

  1. Provide mentoring to educator faculty.
  2. Participate in faculty development programs for educators.
  3. Promote scholarship in medical education for all faculty of the medical school.
  4. Promote research in medical education.
  5. Provide peer assessment and evaluation in teaching.
  6. Promote the use of educator portfolios.
  7. Assist with the promotion of faculty clinical-educators and basic science educators.

An external review of the Academy will be conducted by invited faculty from other institutions with academies every three to five years in order to improve the program and to learn from the experiences at other institutions.